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Hair braiding service in Dallas


First of all we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Studio92braids Hair Braiding & Weaving for your Hair Braiding service. We are professional Braiding salon with Years of experience in box braids, faux locks, lemonade crochet braids, single braids, weaves, micro, twist, kinky, tree braids, Senegalese, corn rows and Located in Texas.

Please give us a chance to amaze you and win you as your braider for life. 



“Skilled and professional braider specializing in traditional braids, box braids, Senegalese twists, kinky twists, crochet weaves, passion twists and more”

Box Braids

Kinky Twist


knotless box braids

Senegalese twist


crochet braids

tribal braids


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9560 skillman st Dallas tx 75243

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9560 skilman st Dallas tx 75243

•  Phone (469)618-4993

We start selling braiding wigs, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese hair extensions.

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